Riverside & Elizabeth Quay Camel riding Tour

부터 AUD AU$45.00
  • 기간: 30 분 (대략)
  • 위치: Perth, Western Australia
  • 상품 코드: REQ

Hop aboard our majestic camels on the bank of the Swan River for an entirely
new perspective of the City of Perth and Western Australia's early history.

Mounting from our specially designed platforms makes it easy for you and our
camels. Sit atop our gentle giants strolling along the river path enjoying
views across to South Perth and the gardens to the city, on through the Canary
Island Date Palms, past the Bell Tower and into Barrack Square alongside
Elizabeth Quay.

It's a unique sight and an experience you won't forget on beautiful animals
who enjoy showing you around.

Your cameleer guide will introduce you to your camel and along the way tell
some stories of how camels help build the infrastructure of Western Australia
and some other interesting information about camels.

A series of photos of your ride including you feeding your camel carrot
(they love carrot) after the ride will be taken and sent
to you Free to share with friends and family.

Our camels came from wild herds and have been
individually domesticated and trained. After work each day they return home to
10 acres in the Swan Valley, and periodically holiday on our farm in the Hills